Priority Advice and Support for Employees

Worried you’re about to lose your job? Get priority advice from one of our experienced consultants today.

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Presented with allegations and unsure how to respond? Directed to attend a disciplinary meeting and want an experienced support person?

Priority Advice Conferences for Employees

We know how stressful it is when you have been presented with allegations of poor performance or misconduct in the workplace. Your employer has directed you to attend a disciplinary meeting and invited you to bring a support person with you. You know the meeting is unlikely to be positive, and you don’t want to lock yourself into an account of events that your employer and its lawyers could potentially rely upon as justification for a decision to dismiss you.

Many employers are aware that, in order to protect themselves against an allegation that there has been a denial of procedural fairness or natural justice in a decision to terminate employment, they should provide an employee with an opportunity to respond to allegations or poor performance or misconduct that may later be relied upon to justify a dismissal. A genuine opportunity to respond provides an employee with the opportunity to state their case before any decision has been taken in relation to their employment, and a fair employer will consider that response when deciding on the appropriate action (if any) to be taken.

However, providing an employee with an opportunity to respond can be beneficial to an employer if the employee fails to provide an effective and well-considered response, makes incriminating admissions or concessions when responding to the allegations, or does not articulate mitigating circumstances where relevant to a decision on action the employer proposes to take in relation to the employment.

Employee Dismissals offers tax-deductible Priority Advice Conferences at competitive rates to current employees who find themselves in this situation. One of our industrial relations consultants can spend up to 15 minutes reviewing any documentation provided to you by your employer, and can speak with you for up to 30 or 60 minutes (depending on the option booked and paid for) about your situaton to provide you with tailored advice and, if applicable, assist you in preparing a response to any allegations of poor performance and/or misconduct. We are so confident in the quality of our advice, that we offer a money-back guarantee on our Priority Advice Conferences. If you are dismissed after attending a Priority Advice Conference, and you satisfy the terms and conditions (click here to view terms), you will be entitled to a refund of the price paid for the advice conference up to $396 (inclusive of GST). We don’t expect many employees to claim a refund under our money-back guarantee, because we are so confident in our ability to provide helpful advice to employees.

Support Person Service for Employees

You may feel uncomfortable inviting a work colleague, friend or family member to accompany you to a disciplinary meeting as a support person. You might want to discuss sensitive matters at the meeting, or you may want an experienced consultant to sit with you so that you can obtain advice during any breaks to the meeting, or after the meeting has concluded.

Our experienced consultants may be available to travel to your workplace, for the purpose of accompanying you to a disciplinary meeting as your support person. Subject to consultant availability, transport options and workplace health and safety considerations, one of our experienced consultants can meet with you on the day, discuss your circustances, review documentation, and let you know what to expect during the meeting. They can take notes if you wish, and can speak with you during any break and after the meeting has concluded.

Charges for our support person services are are based on time spent by our consultants travelling to and from the meeting, and the time spent with you on the day. In order to minimise travel time, if your employer agrees to hold the meeting at a remote location, meeting space can be made available at offices conveniently located in capital cities around Australia.

Our support person services will usually be fully tax-deductible. If you are interested in our support person services, please contact us on 1800 213 297.


Losing your job, especially without notice, can lead to significant problems in your life. You don’t need to face the challenge alone. The dismissal specialists at Employee Dismissals know how important it is to lodge dismissal claims fast and fight claims hard so that you can claim fair compensation, clear your name and move forward with your life. No employer is too big or small and, unlike some, we only assist employees. There are no conflicts of interest, and Employee Dismissals will fight for a fair outcome.



Employee Dismissals and its consultants have a strong track record when it comes to holding employers to account. Our experienced dismissal claims specialists can prepare your case and speak on your behalf, aiming to ensure you are taken seriously by your former employer, costly mistakes are avoided, fair compensation is sought, and your dismissal is permanently reversed. All of this with a No Win No Fee option for eligible dismissed employees.


At Employee Dismissals, we know how stressful it is to lose your job. We also know there are two sides to every story. You deserve to be heard, but access to justice can be limited. Many dismissed employees don’t have the resources to make substantial upfront payments to fight their case. Employee Dismissals offers a free dismissal assessment and No Win No Fee representation to eligible dismissed employees. Employers and the Liberal/National Government may not like this, but we firmly believe dismissed employees should have access to quality representation when they go up against employers and their lawyers.





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